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SaniVid™ Hand Sanitizer is made locally in Peterborough ON, and is your source for premium hand sanitizer.

Why SaniVid™?

1) It smells great.

Like really great. 

"OMFG it smells amazing, it's like a delicious creamsicle, I want to EAT IT." - Vanessa @themathguru 

2) It actually Moisturizes your hands with
Aloe Vera.

3) It's a spray, which means it won't gloop all over the floor like most gel sanitizers.

4) It's
LOCAL, and our customers love it:

"It's fantastic. Your hands don't dry out and crack or go slimey like with gel Sanitizers. Very impressed."
- Brenda Lee Swinson  

"Thank you for making an awesome product for the people with sensitive skin during this crisis." 
- Denise Oldham  

"I have been using this product where I work and I love it!"
- Barbara Laffan

Big or small size? We've got you covered.

SaniVid™ Glass.jpg
Bryan-Reid-Photo 1Y4A9424 (34).jpg

SaniVid™, it's just a little better.



637 The Queensway, Unit 4, Peterborough, ON, K9J 7J6

Technical stuff.
MSDS Sheet.

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